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2022 Gold Standard Re-Accreditation

With the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, Gold Standard employers found themselves well positioned to react swiftly and effectively to the unprecedented challenges faced by the global community. The importance of employee and community health, well-being, and resilience has never been more apparent.

Wanting to expand the reach and impact of the life-saving tenets of the Gold Standard, significant changes have been made to the Gold Standard program; critical new requirements have been added, a new application platform has been implented, the review and approval process has changed, and an applicant feedback report is being developed.

Because of these extensive changes, we have suspended the annual re-accreditation requirement. Instead, current Gold Standard organizations are encouraged to complete the updated US Gold Standard Application. In doing so, organizations have the opportunity to evaluate their health and well-being benefits and culture against the revised and completely updated standard.

We appreciate the scope this request and understandorganizations will need time to carefully review the new application and assess the time and resources necessary to complete.  At this time, there is no deadline for completion. We simply ask that you confirm your interest by contacting

The Gold Standard Framework & 5 Pillars

While the tenets of risk reduction, early detection & quality care remain, a new Pillar structure places increased emphasis on health education and navigation and includes well-being categories beyond physical health. Also, the framework now incorporates health equity -- the goal for every person to be as healthy as possible regardless of their circumstance or background.

Application Review

Another significant change has been to modify the application review process from a simple pass/fail accreditation to one that captures and celebrates an organization's evolving commitment to the health of its employees, their families and communities. The Gold Standard now recognizes organizations that are at different points on their path to creating robust cultures of health and well-being.

Custom Roadmap

Gold Standard applicants can gain valuable insight into where their organization shines and where more work could be done when compared to their Gold Standard peers. Using historic and comparative data collected from previous application submissions, and the collective experience of the Accreditation Review Board, a custom roadmap will provide applicants feedback as part of the new review process.

Special note to Global Gold Standard organizations: 

For now, changes to the US Gold Standard requirements will not impact Global Gold Standard employers. These organizations will maintain their current Global designation and will not be asked to complete a 2022 Global re-accreditation form. However, for the reasons outlined above, we request all Global employers to complete the full US Gold Standard application after they've had a chance to review the new application and determine the appropriate timing.

Download: 2022 Re-Accreditation Fact Sheet