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Energy for Performance in Life

Gold Standard  Employer: Johnson & Johnson

Energy for Performance in Life

Johnson & Johnson aspires to have the healthiest employees. Employees who achieve balance in body, mind and spirit igniting full engagement at work, at home and in their communities. One way we help employees to achieve this is through the Energy for Performance in Life course. Energy for Performance in Life (E4PIL) is the internal offering taken from the Corporate Athlete® course by the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. This training uses a multi-disciplinary approach built on the sciences of performance psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition to create lifelong behavior change. Over 57k employees worldwide have been reached with these principles so far (delivered in 10 languages through over 1600 events). Participants have reported improved nutrition, weight loss, and an increase in energy and focus. 

"I've never been (in >30 years of employment) through such a course that has resonated with the way I think, feel and live." - J&J employee 

This course uniquely ties together a personal "ultimate mission" with spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. In turn, this motivates participants to adopt and sustain healthier lifestyle habits as their behavior is tied to what matters most. By 2020, we expect to reach 100,000 J&J employees with the life-changing principles of the Energy for Performance in Life training. Our culture of health provides an environment that fosters and supports healthy choices such as fitness centers, step challenges, healthy food, tobacco-free, mental well being, weight loss programs, and medical coverage. As our employees understand and put into practice the principles of personal energy management, we are working to further incorporate program components into the day-to-day culture (healthy meetings, movement, correct nutrition, etc.). Looking ahead, we continue to seek out new and innovative solutions to encourage and sustain a healthy workforce, enabling employees to give back to their customers, families and communities.