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Gold Standard  Employer: Novartis

Novartis Global Oncology has developed a new model for supporting associates with a life-altering chronic disease or condition (or who act as caregivers or managers to people in this situation) that builds on the company’s existing care management process. Patient-reported outcomes on this program – called Ensemble –show high program satisfaction, employee engagement and work reintegration during and after illness.

Leveraging the experience, knowledge and resources of the Oncology Business Unit, Ensemble aims to help associates affected by a chronic disease or condition such as cancer – whether as a patient, survivor, caregiver or manager of an affected associate – obtain informational, practical and psychosocial support to help them cope effectively with diagnosis, treatment and recovery or ongoing management. 

Ensemble builds on the concept of navigation, which in a public health setting means coordinating care in a complex and multifaceted healthcare system to overcome barriers to optimal health and well-being. As in case management, the goal is to assess individual needs and facilitate access to appropriate resources. The primary navigator is an oncology nurse specialist who may provide assistance ranging from referring associates to external oncology experts for a second opinion through helping them organize transportation to chemotherapy appointments to listening with empathy and referring them to peers for support