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Expanded Cancer-related health benefits

Gold Standard  Employer: Moffitt Cancer Center

Expanded Cancer-related Health Benefits

In keeping with Moffitt's culture of promoting employee wellness, expanded coverage for adult physicals and cancer screenings is built into each of the Moffitt employee health plans. The expanded coverage allows our team members and any dependents enrolled on our health insurance to get a physical exam or cancer screening at any time their physician feels it is appropriate, regardless of age or frequency. In support of those team members, who find themselves in the role of cancer patient rather than care giver, Moffitt's health insurance provides coverage for the harvesting and storage of eggs prior to any treatment which might have an impact on fertility, such as radiation and chemotherapy. A special administrative override has also been included in Moffitt's Flexible Spending account program to allow healthcare flexible spending dollars to be used to pay for the storage of the eggs until the treating physician provides approval for their utilization. Flexible Spending Accounts will normally only allow use of these funds for an initial, temporary period of storage. With this exception, the administration of this expense, through the Flexible Spending Account, looks at the word temporary from the perspective of a cancer patient and allows flex dollars to be used to pay for the storage until the person is medically cleared to make use of the eggs.