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Gold Standard Pillar 1: Prevention

Gold Standard  Employer: LiDestri Foods, inc.

Gold Standard Pillar 1: Prevention

Tobacco-free Workplace
1.    LiDestri policy states tobacco-free workplace (including e-cigarettes) on all company property.
2.    Reimbursement to employee and/or spouse for smoking cessation treatments, this is not limited to one trial due to the fact it has been proven to require multiple attempts for success
3.    LiDestri promotes several cessation programs; nysquits, Excellus, and utilizes GRIPA to also promote options
4.    The American Lung Associations attends company Health Fairs to educate the employees and offer cessation programs
5.    Employees can also receive 4 hours of paid time off upon completion of a cessation program
6.    Computers are made available onsite with access to webpages specific to smoking-cessation programs

1.    Company policy is to follow CDC nutrition standards for company meetings and events
2.    Market Café and Vending machine products were evaluated by a nutritionist and vending company must maintain 85% of all products as healthy options
3.    Refrigerators for employee meals and microwaves

Physical Activity
1.   Onsite fitness facilities
2.    Bocce pit 
3.    Outdoor basketball hoops
4.    A 10am & 2pm "Move it" reminder to get up from your desk and move
5.    Companywide standing campaign encouraging standing during meetings as well as brief walks throughout the day
6.    Outdoor walking trail
7.    Employees can earn paid time off for completing walking/running events
8.    Standing stations are gradually being incorporated into the offices
9.    Stairwell with interactive dry-erase board for upcoming events, birthday wishes, "ata boys", etc encourages use of stairs
10.    Bike racks available
11.    Fitness facility discounts through insurance company

Healthy Weight
1.    Onsite Weight Watchers program
2.    Access to nutritionist

1.    Onsite flu clinic at fall health fair
2.    Educational material explaining importance of vaccines and when one should be getting them
3.    Birthday cards distributed to every employee on his/her birthday with chart of required vaccines and recommended exams