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HealthForce 2020

Gold Standard  Employer: Johnson & Johnson

At Johnson & Johnson, our purpose is to change the trajectory of health for humanity. We’ve always set audacious goals – for ourselves and our organization. Our most recent goal is to become the healthiest workforce. 

With this in mind, we are committed to providing an environment that fosters healthy choices so employees can achieve their personal best in body, mind and spirit so they are empowered to ignite their full engagement at work, at home and in their communities. We will get there with HealthForce 2020 – an innovative, integrated initiative to support healthy choices and healthier lives.

With HealthForce 2020, our intent is to empower and engage at least 100,000 employees by 2020 toward a personal best in health and wellbeing by building upon our foundation of core employee health & wellbeing programs and services (e.g. tobacco free, global employee assistance program (EAP) and workplace protection). 

1. Through the principles of Energy for Performance®, a holistic, science-based – and proven – approach to sustainable behavior change, helping people perform at their best when it matters most. Developed by the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, this training uses a multi-disciplinary approach built on the sciences of performance psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition to create lifelong behavior change.

What makes this course unique is the foundation of creating a personal mission, which becomes motivation for understanding the link between spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. This has motivated participants to adopt and sustain healthier lifestyle habits because their behavior is tied to their personal, ultimate mission. This mission could be: “Have the stamina to play with my grandchildren,” which drives the employee to consider the necessary changes that will enable them to reach a personal, heartfelt goal. This is the motivation people need to change unhealthy habits such as using tobacco, not getting adequate sleep, and not eating well or and exercising enough.

To date, over 62,000 global employees have completed energy management training.

2. Healthy & Me™, the innovative, digital health tool unique to J&J, is a customizable, digital platform with global accessibility & applicability, which makes it easier for employees and their spouse/partners (where available) to find and use the resources they need to affect behavior change.

Healthy & Me™ is designed to keep users engaged with each other and their health. From in-app social media sharing to achieving goals through a simple point system, individuals become part of a community-of-health that positively affects them individually and collectively. Users can earn points toward local rewards by tracking their daily activities like walking and sleeping, and completing a Health Assessment, as well as participating in J&J team challenges. Points earned through Healthy & Me™ can be used toward charitable donations and/or sweepstakes entries for great prizes. New programs and applications relating to health and wellbeing (i.e. mindfulness, financial wellbeing) are on the roadmap and will be added over time. Sharing milestones with pictures and comments through Healthy & Me™ Newsfeed creates the community needed to achieve success.

To date, almost 85,000 employees from 75 countries have connected to their health through Healthy & Me™.

3. Through creating an environment and culture that actively supports employees so the healthy choice is the easy choice, via advancing a culture of healthy eating, healthy movement and healthy minds.

  • Healthy Eating - Building an environment that supports healthy eating and helps prevent illnesses like heart disease and cancer.  We are doing this through offering 80% healthy food options, providing free fruit and vegetables at least 3 x a week and by having proper portions available.
  • Healthy Movement – Providing programs and facilities that help to increase overall health, wellbeing, energy levels and engagement on the job and at home. We are doing this through encouraging movement throughout the day (e.g. walking meetings, energy breaks every 90 minutes during meetings), providing access to fitness centers and by providing active furniture like sit-stand workstations to the +25% desk-bound population.
  • Healthy Minds - Creating a workplace that addresses and supports mental wellbeing as part of an integrated approach to health through workplace culture and programs. We are doing this through offering access to mental wellbeing resources and programs, including stress management, resiliency, energy management and work-life effectiveness, as well as engaging and educating employees and families on the importance of mental wellbeing.

Every day through these focus areas, we are making daily strides in advancing a healthy workplace for Johnson & Johnson.

With HealthForce 2020, we’re healthier together.