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HealthForce 2020

Gold Standard  Employer: Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is guided by Our Credo, whose employees are the heart, mind and soul of the Company. We are committed to helping employees, families and communities live well across their whole lives – spiritual, mental, physical and financial – enabling an engaged, purpose-driven workforce that improves health for humanity. To that end, we’ve set some bold goals and are on a mission to become the healthiest workforce. 

The changes we’re making around the workplace focus on three main areas - Healthy Eating, Healthy Movement and Healthy Mind - and are intended to educate employees, connect them to their health and ultimately build a culture of health, making the healthy choice the easy choice.  We have seen our workforce rally behind this mission.  

Educate Employees
To date, we have trained 78,000 employees in Energy for Performance®, an energy management program developed by Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. The program is unique in that it takes a multi-dimensional (spiritual/purpose, mental, emotional and physical) approach to teach our employees how to be more spiritually nourished, physically focused and direct their energy towards what is purposeful in life.  

We offer monthly webinars to provide practical, science-based information to help raise awareness of healthy choices and how to reduce health risks. Webinars are open to global employees and family members and each provides an opportunity to learn from industry experts and ask well-being related questions. Centralized global promotions and site-based viewing events, organized by Global Health Services professionals and even employees, drive the engaging nature of this educational forum.

The sense of community that has been created around the global webinars is just one example of how employees are rallying around our mission to become the healthiest workforce, making our scalable, innovative solutions their own. Employees are being empowered to share their progress, successes and encouragement within their circles of influence, keeping well-being concepts, like healthy eating, healthy movement and healthy mind at the forefront in a fun, meaningful way.

Individuals with common interests have formed Employee Resource Groups to further connect and elevate topics that matter to them. These groups connect via internal social media platforms to share photos and examples of how they are bringing the healthiest workforce to life.  A few examples are through interactive events, leveraging local experts, incorporating well-being into on- and off-site meetings, and developing partnerships that impact the health and well-being of their colleagues. 

Connect Employees to their Health
We have connected 96,000 employees to our digital health tool, Healthy & Me™.  Unique to J&J, Healthy & Me™ is a confidential and customizable way to engage with a range of health and well-being programs from a smartphone, tablet or web.  This easy-to-use platform also includes exciting team challenges, social sharing and valuable points programs that can be used toward quarterly sweepstakes and charitable donations. This platform is also key to hosting an annual global activity challenge which has historically engaged tens of thousands of employees and their family members to get active. In our most recent challenge 28,000+ colleagues from over 70 countries logged more than 4.8 billion steps - a 22% increase in movement during the 30-day challenge.  

Within Healthy & Me™ users can connect to many of the programs that support their personal well-being journey, including digital health coaching programs that are self-directed and help employees with their goals, including eating well, quitting tobacco or sleeping better. Daily Healthy Tips create awareness and education around current health and well-being topics. 

Build a Culture of Health
We’ve created policies to support Healthy Eating, Healthy Movement and Healthy Mind; currently 100,000 employees have access to +70% of the policy elements, further supporting our efforts to become the heathiest workforce. Further, we’ve had a global tobacco free policy in place since 2007.  

We understand the evolution of a global workforce and the necessity for scalable, innovative solutions that reach and engage a diverse employee population.  By leveraging technology-based solutions, our goals transcend country, ethnicity, environment and physical abilities to ignite a sense of J&J community and support across all borders.  

With a focus on Healthy Mind,  we began our phased roll-out of an enhanced and unified global Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and WorkLife Services program in 2018.  This new global program allows for seamless support that is consistent, personalized and available 24/7/365 with on-demand assistance resources available for our global employee population.  The program includes enhanced offerings and resources designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our employees and their families.  

In support of Healthy Movement, we’ve launched a Global Exercise Reimbursement program to support employees incorporating movement in ways that are fun and convenient to them.  This benefit offers financial support and incentive for things like fitness classes, training and programs and is offered in addition to our On-Site Fitness Centers.  

At Johnson & Johnson, our purpose is to change the trajectory of health for humanity. And we are doing just that through our investments in employee health and well-being and the individual commitment of each employee to become their personal best.