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Healthy KIDZ

Gold Standard  Employer: Moffitt Cancer Center

Moffitt Healthy KIDZ is a community outreach program offered by Moffitt Cancer Center for children and adolescents of all ages focusing on cancer prevention, healthy living and positive life choices. The Healthy KIDZ motto "prevention starts early" is consistent with Moffitt's mission, to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. The Healthy KIDZ culture of inclusion welcomes youth from diverse backgrounds and is supported by essential healthy lifestyle opportunities through robust programming and education for the mind and body. The program focuses on several themes including:

•Sun Safety
•Dangers of Tobacco
•The Arts
•STEM - Careers in healthcare

Last year, Moffitt incorporated the Healthy KIDZ program into the Take Our Children To Work Day curriculum, which provides our team members and their children ages 8-13 an educational, fun-filled and interactive agenda.   Subject matter experts, who are also our own team members, are brought in to discuss nutrition, sun safety, infection control and overall well-being.  This program helps focus on cancer prevention, health living and positive life choices.  

The Healthy KIDZ program also promotes STEM careers in healthcare.  We provide tours to middle school and high school students who are interested in future careers in healthcare, as well as to teachers and administrators, who all can learn from our team members including physicians, research and supportive care departments. The plan moving forward is to incorporate Healthy KIDZ into the curriculum at our onsite Moffitt Child Development Center, so our team members’ children who are enrolled will receive this as part of their regular programming.