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Healthy & Me

Gold Standard  Employer: Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson aspires to have the healthiest workforce by helping our employees live well across their whole lives, providing flexibility and a breadth of whole-life health benefits including energy management tools and wellness resources. Our role as an employer is to provide an environment that fosters healthy choices so employees can achieve their personal best in body, mind and spirit, igniting full engagement at work, at home and in their communities.

Employee Digital Health Platforms

Supporting our vision to have the healthiest workforce and as one of the key initiatives to address top health risks in our 2020 employee health goals, Johnson & Johnson has launched Healthy & Me™ a dynamic digital global platform that conveniently connects users to their everyday health and wellbeing. Unique to Johnson & Johnson, Healthy & Me™ is a confidential and customizable way to engage with a range of health and wellbeing programs and some of our own exclusive offerings, such as the Health Assessment and Digital Health Coaching, right from a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

This digital platform with global accessibility & applicability makes it easier to find and use health and behavior change resources. It also helps us ensure robust data capture capabilities to support organizational engagement, population metrics and actionable information.

Over 80,000 employees and over 25,000 spouse/partners have access to Healthy & Me™, which has launched in 27 countries in 2016. Over 40 percent of employees globally have enrolled in the platform, putting healthy resources and an employee social network in the palm of their hands. Global employees can earn points by tracking their steps, sleep, nutrition or by completing a workout on the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 minute Workout® App, and through other health-related programs. They can then redeem those points for a medical contribution discount for their health benefit plan (U.S./Puerto Rico only) and for charitable donations or sweepstakes. Employees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico can also earn points by taking the Health Assessment and Digital Health Coaching programs to manage weight and improve sleep. Connecting employees to assessments and subsequent coaching raises self-awareness and provides the nudge to consider participating in health promoting activities, including global activity challenges.

Global Activity Challenges

In 2016, we launched our very first ever Johnson & Johnson Global Activity Challenge, "Our Amazing Journey", with over 35,000 employees from 78 countries, tracking over 10 billion steps. And for the effort $150,000 was donated to Save the Children. Our Amazing Journey was the first Johnson & Johnson customized global step challenge tracing the historical journey the Johnson brothers made to expand the company globally in the first half of the 19th century. Not only did employees move more, but they supported each other and celebrated the journey with colleagues from around the world on the app's social platform - sharing pictures that spoke to why they stay healthy and active. Over the course of 2016, employees who connected to Healthy & Me increased their activity by 27 percent.