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It's Your Move

Gold Standard  Employer: Valley Health System

It's Your Move

Valley Health System offers a unique, comprehensive and voluntary Health and Wellness initiative for its employees. Titled “It’s Your Move,” the program incentivizes employees, through discounts on health insurance premiums, to complete biometric screenings that consist of a lipid profile and an HgBA1c.

Additionally, the employees are required to have one age appropriate screening or dental checkup. The age appropriate screening options include a mammogram, colonoscopy, bone density testing or a cervical cancer screening.

Taking this program to a higher level while continuing the discounts, the Employee Health and Wellness staff then reviews all lab results and personally contacts participating employees regarding their results. The employees receive individual education, health coaching, resources and a three-month follow-up lab work to determine progress and improvement.

In 2017, Valley began to offer subsidies for Weight Watcher’s participants as another important resource to encourage and assist employees in maintaining a healthy life style. This subsidy will continue in 2018.

Significantly, the It’s Your Move program’s outcomes showed dramatic improvement in the overall health and lab values for those employees who were found to be pre-diabetic but unaware of that fact, illustrating that lifestyle changes and positive support do make a difference.

The 2018 It’s Your Move program has continued to include the employee’s covered spouses/domestic partners. They are still required to have a full physical and requiring the same lab tests which encourage dialogue between the spouses/domestic partners and their doctors. An additional component was added this year where the spouse/domestic partner need to have an age appropriate screening performed, with choices the same as for the employees.