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Make it Count!

Gold Standard  Employer: Johnson & Johnson

Make it Count!

Johnson & Johnson aspires to have the healthiest workforce. Our role as an employer is to provide an environment that fosters healthy choices allowing employees to achieve their personal best in body, mind and spirit, igniting full engagement at work, at home and in their communities.

Healthy Future 2015 enterprise-wide sustainability goals included a health goal that 80% of employees globally participate in a health risk assessment. By participating in this personal, confidential biometric screening and completing a questionnaire related to key health risks and behaviors they were able to clearly understand their personal health risks, and learn how their lifestyle choices may impact their overall health and quality of life. In 2014, the global participation was 64%. To accelerate participation to meet the 80% goal, the Make it Count! campaign was created in 2015.

The intent of the Make it Count! health promotion campaign was to reach employees at all levels within the company and encourage participation in the health assessment process by demonstrating the advantages of a healthy lifestyle through a series of dynamic portraits that featured a wide range of Johnson & Johnson employees from all continents and cultures. The images put a relatable face on the campaign and demonstrated the energy and excitement that results from the knowledge of one's health status. Images were photographed on site at various Johnson & Johnson locations around the globe by local photographers, capturing the authenticity, vigor, energy and excitement of employees who are empowered by their health conscious lifestyle and the ensuing high quality of living. Alongside the images was the call to action to "Make it Count" by knowing your numbers. The messaging from the campaign was leveraged across the globe from an enterprise­wide web site to the local level; from health fairs, to executive business meetings - Make it Count was a reminder that health is at the center of what we do and who we are.

Through this campaign, employees reflected on why their health matters and what motivates them to be healthy. These responses included reasons such as being healthy for their loved ones, having energy to volunteer in their community, bringing their best energy to the workplace, etc.

This company wide call to action resulted in a renewed focus on our employees and why health matters. By year-end 2015, 95% employee participation was achieved, far exceeding the Healthy Future 2015 goal. But more importantly, over 100,000 employees had taken the time to know their numbers and personally reflect on their health - which is what really counts!