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Nutrition Makeover

Gold Standard  Employer: Baylor Scott & White Health

Nutrition Makeover

In 2010 a committee was established to provide guidance and suggestions for the wellness program. The objective was to remove a majority of fried items with a few exceptions, start a grab & go program, add a healthy grill menu, and focus all new promotions towards a healthy lifestyle. The committee started the process by introducing small changes in phases.

  • Phase 1 was introduced in 2010 and consisted of the retail menus having 50% of Every Day Healthy Choices.
  • Phase 2 began in 2012 with retail menus having 75% of Every Day Healthy Choices.
  • Phase 3 began in December 2014, with retail menus having 90% Every Day Healthy Choices and 10% “indulgent” options.

By December 2014 all fryers were removed. Grill stations contain all lean meats including: all natural burgers, tuna, turkey, black bean, and lamb burgers. Lean meats are available in smaller portion sizes with whole grain bread options. Since making these changes sales have increased by 13.6% system wide.

The Grab & Go station is filled with convenient, quick and healthy options that satisfy the Phase 3 requirements. Thrivables, the adult lunchable, make eating healthy on-the-go healthy and easy! Thrive Minute Meals cook in less than 15 minutes for an easy, healthy meal at home. Staff are able to purchase the pre-prepped meal and assemble at home when ready! Sales have increased 35% system wide since these options became available. The Home Station is free from all things fried! The Thrive Meal is available here for under 500 calories which features and entrée and two sides. Filled with 90% healthy products, the Deli Station is packed with vegetables, low fat cheeses and spreads. This station also satisfies the Phase 3 requirements.

Sales have increased 1015% system wide which has been maintained for over one year. The beverage and snack station also got a makeover. All full calorie beverages were removed as of July 1, 2012, with the exception of juice, milk and 8 oz. cans of 4 full calorie beverages. Snack serving sizes were limited to 1 serving per package with 250 calories or less, no more than 25% calories from fat, 250 milligrams sodium, and 25 grams sugar. The only exceptions to this are dark chocolate and nuts due to the health benefits.

All Vending Machines were included in the beverage / snack update and continue to spread the healthy nutrition offerings to all staff, visitors and guests that choose vending options.