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Plant Strong Challenge

Gold Standard  Employer: Baptist Health South Florida

The mission of the nationally recognized Wellness department at Baptist Health South Florida is: To have the healthiest workforce in America. We encourage employees to take responsibility for their health through the services and programs offered by the Wellness Advantage Program. 

The Plant Strong Challenge is a 12 week employee wellness program to inspire employees to make a healthy lifestyle change. The challenge incorporates gradually decreasing the consumption of animal protein, an exercise component and a weight loss challenge. Studies show that eating a plant based diet has been linked to many health benefits such as helping to reduce the risk of chronic disease, improved digestion, increased energy, better sleep and improved physical functioning. Challenge participants will learn how to prepare quick and delicious plant based meals. They will be encouraged to increase the number of plant based meals per week via access to cooking demos and a social media platform dedicated to the challenge. Participants will also be given meal tickets for free plant based meals available at Baptist Health dining rooms. The exercise component in the Plant Strong Challenge will have employees who are part of the program challenged weekly with an exercise recommendation, access to an exercise e-book and access to a personal health coach. The weekly exercise recommendation, provided by our exercise physiologists, comes with instructions and illustrations on proper technique. Participants will be weighed hi-weekly during a group meeting and be encouraged to lose at least Slbs. 

The participants will be using a private employee based social media platform called Yammer, throughout the challenge. Yammer has a user interface that is similar to Facebook. The platform enables users to communicate with each other and allows Plant Strong Challenge administrators to encourage, inspire and motivate participants. Yammer users can access recipes and can see the weekly exercise recommendation. The users will also be able to share recipes, motivational quotes and pictures of themselves engaged in physical activity throughout the 12 week period. Program efficacy will be measured by a pre and post program survey that focuses on behavioral change as well as pre and post program weight measurement.