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PowerUP Your Health

Gold Standard  Employer: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

PowerUP Your Health

PowerUP Your Health is a reimagined health fair that brought meaningful value to Vanderbilt's workforce. At this event, employees were encouraged to play an active role in their health by leveraging digital tools and on-site access to clinical services, appointment  scheduling and medical experts. Some of the event's stations included:

Health Hub - Employees received valuable preventive health services on-site including: flu shots, blood pressure readings, and BMI checks.

Expert Hot Spot - Employees  spoke with healthcare experts to find out if they were in need of preventive care screenings.

PowerUP Bar - Employees  signed up for My Health at Vanderbilt, an online portal where patients can view their health records, request appointments  and message their physician's office.

Pharmacy Hub - Employees  learned about Vanderbilt Pharmacy updates, including time-saving pharmacy services  and the cost-saving mail order pharmacy program.

Connect2Care - Employees found primary care physicians who were accepting new patients. They also learned how to find nearby walk-in clinics and urgent care facilities on the go, right on their cell phones.

PowerUP Your Health offered valuable insight into the engagement, interaction and education of Vanderbilt's employees. Over 1,500 employees attended this three-day event across Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Vanderbilt University, with nearly 200 of those employees voluntarily pre-registering  online. 72% of attendees participated in three or more event stations which helped them engage in their health.