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Tobacco Free Business Card

Gold Standard  Employer: Celgene

Tobacco Free Business Card

A very simple, but very effective, practice has been instituted at Celgene to dissuade employees from tobacco use as well as give them resources to find cessation programs.  The Corporate Affairs team, alongside of our Corporate Services colleagues, have developed a business card that can be provided to tobacco users who are violating the Global Corporate Policy.  Rather than confronting the employee or contractor with language about Corporate Policies, these cards can be provided as a reminder of the “tobacco free” status of our facilities as well as assist them with finding support programs. 

These cards have been very effective at Celgene and took only minutes to create for very little cost.  Feedback from those smokers who have received the card has been positive and non-confrontational.  Those employees have appreciated the gentle, but firm reminder.

The cards as shown were developed for the U.S. Celgene Facilities, but can be adapted with the appropriate language and resources for employees and sites around the world.