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Zen in 10

Gold Standard  Employer: University of North Dakota

Zen in 10

The University of North Dakota (UND) was the first university to become accredited by the CEO Cancer Gold Standard. The vision is to have healthy, thriving employees and be an innovative national leader in worksite wellness. Obesity and sedentary behavior is on the rise, and staff and faculty reported time management and forgetting about worksite wellness as leading barriers for lack of participation. A new program started to make wellness a quick and easy choice. It contributes to the CEO Cancer Gold Standard's Pillar 1 of prevention including physical activity opportunities. 

The program is Zen in 10 and includes a certified Relax and Renew Instructor® leading 10 minutes of stretches with fun and/or relaxing music, in various locations across campus twice per week. Since the program started in June, there have been 265 participants, 1,511 visits to the programs. A total of 135 survey respondents have indicated the following benefits from attending a session: 

  • 73% reported increased level of concentration
  • 74% reported increased productivity at work
  • 70% reported increased ability to cope with stress
  • 63% reported increased flexibility
  • 78% reported increased happiness
  • 83% reported improved mood
  • 67% reported increased connectivity to co-workers

“Just wanted to tell you that I think the Zen in 10 program is great. It’s a nice stress reliever, breaks up the day, and contributes to employee wellbeing. The instructor is fantastic. She gives us just enough to be challenging, while being aware that we are in work clothes. I come away from her sessions refreshed.“ - UND staff member 

This program has become one of the most popular programs and assists with physical, emotional, and social wellness for employees, leading to healthier, thriving employees, which is our vision.