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Gold Standard  CEO Messages

John T. Gribbin, President and CEO, CentraState Medical Center

As a community healthcare provider and advocate for wellness and disease prevention, CentraState strives to maintain a healthy and safe environment and model healthy behaviors with a genuine concern for everyone’s well-being, including our employees, physicians, and volunteers. We are honored to receive this designation and to be lauded for our efforts to reduce the risk of cancer for our employees and others for whom we provide care.

David Cordani, CEO, Cigna

At Cigna, we strive to help every individual live to their fullest health potential at every stage of their life. We are honored to receive the Gold Standard in recognition of our commitment to help our employees, clients and customers reduce cancer risks through healthy lifestyles, early detection and quality care.

Steven Bangert, Chairman and CEO, CoBiz Financial Inc.

The Gold Standard enlists each of us in the fight against cancer. Achieving accreditation is a point of pride for our employees and will have a real impact on them and their families.

Michael J. Heller, CEO, Cozen O'Connor

Cozen O’Connor is honored to receive the CEO Cancer Gold Standard accreditation recognizing our commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles for employees and their families.  Our wellness program has been instrumental in educating, incentivizing and executing programs that reduce health risks and empowers employees to live happier lives.

Chuck Swoboda, President and CEO, Cree, Inc.

Cree is committed to supporting the wellbeing of our employees through proactive measures that promote an active and healthy lifestyle while providing access to vital resources. Exceptional workplace wellness programs help employees and their families reduce the risk of cancer and make a huge impact on their lives. Cree is proud to receive the CEO Cancer Gold Standard® accreditation and help lead by example.

Larry Merlo, President and Chief Executive Officer, CVS Health

This is certainly an honor that recognizes our hard work in building a culture of health and wellness. Receiving the CEO Cancer Gold Standard accreditation underscores our decision to eliminate the sale of tobacco from our retail stores and the innovative programs, resources and incentives we’ve put in place to help our colleagues achieve their best health and reduce their risk of cancer.

Richard Edelman, President and CEO, Daniel J. Edelman Holdings, Inc.

I’ve been fighting tobacco use since I was six years old, when I threw my father’s cigarette packs into the toilet so often that it jammed the mechanism, forcing him to quit. Companies can help employees make the same transition to a better and smoke free lifestyle.

Michael B. Kastan, MD, PhD, Executive Director, Duke Cancer Institute, Duke Health

The Duke Cancer Institute is proud of the fact that Duke Health has maintained its CEO Cancer Gold Standard Accreditation with continued commitment to risk reduction, early detection, and quality care. We are proud to share this rare distinction with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and 17 other NCI-designated Cancer Centers. We applaud the CEO Roundtable on Cancer for their commitment to cancer prevention, screening, survivorship, and overall health and wellness.

Michael Mussallem, Chairman and CEO, Edwards Lifesciences

As a company dedicated to helping patients, we cannot achieve our aspirations without healthy employees.  We are proud to earn the Gold Standard accreditation and are committed to improving the wellness of our patients and employees around the world.

Susan Mahony, PhD, President of Lilly Oncology, Eli Lilly and Company

At Lilly, our commitment to making life better goes beyond the medicines we make—it’s at the very heart of our business. We are honored to have been designated a CEO Cancer Gold Standard accredited corporation, which underscores the importance we place on the well-being of our employees. We in Lilly Oncology, continually strive to create an environment of wellness for our employees, one that provides them with the preventive care and education they need to live happy, healthy and productive lives.

Gary Zieziula , President and Managing Director, EMD Serono

Nearly all of us are impacted by cancer in some way. At EMD Serono we are committed to making a difference in the lives of patients, their loved ones and healthcare professionals, by accelerating innovation in oncology in order to develop therapies with the potential to transform the way cancer is treated. This commitment extends to our corporate family through employee wellness programs that are designed to help reduce the risk of cancer, promote early detection and provide quality care.

D. Bryan Jordan, Chairman, President & CEO, First Horizon National Corporation

At First Horizon, we believe our employees are our competitive advantage, so it is important that we invest in programs designed to encourage them and their family members to lead healthy lifestyles. We are proud to join the ranks of the innovative companies setting a new standard for workplace wellness initiatives.

Patrick Geraghty, CEO, Florida Blue

At Florida Blue, our commitment to wellness is a primary part of who we are as a company. We know good health starts at home, so our vision of helping people achieve better health is strongly rooted in the opportunities we offer our employees and their family members.

Neal Kassell, MD, Foundation Chairman, Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Our organization is driven to advancing focused ultrasound as a non-invasive alternative or complement to traditional approaches for treating a range of devastating cancers. And we recognize that the best weapon against cancer is good health and prevention, so we are honored to have our dedication to wellness recognized by the CEO Roundtable On Cancer.

Gary Gilliland, MD, PhD, President & Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

We are at an inflection point. The excitement now is that we are seeing what appears to be cures in some patients that have been treated with groundbreaking immunotheraputic approaches to cancer treatment. This is why the CEO Cancer Gold Standard certification is so meaningful; The staff here at Fred Hutch doesn’t have a casual relationship with our work;  Everyone is fully invested professionally -- and personally – in our work toward a cure.  

Hank Miltenberger, Chief Executive Officer, Gilsbar, LLC

Our employees are our biggest asset.  They have passion and are driven to help us succeed—what a great honor that the CEO Roundtable on Cancer recognizes this.  A key people strategy at Gilsbar is to cultivate our culture of wellness and cancer prevention to keep employees healthy, happy, and engaged.  When employees feel they are well taken care of by their employer, they give great discretionary effort.

Adam Goodman, President, Goodmans Interior Structures

At Goodmans, nothing is more important than the welfare of our people. The Gold Standard is a way to demonstrate our commitment to the health of our employees by actively promoting cancer prevention and early detection. As a family business, we believe we have an obligation to educate our team members so they understand the link between lifestyle choices and cancer risks.

Robert C. Garrett, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Hackensack Meridian Health

The Gold Standard was achieved as a result of our diligent commitment to cancer prevention through early detection practices. I am very proud of the work we have done at Hackensack Meridian Health to institute an all encompassing program that enables us to battle cancer.

Clay Thorp, General Partner, Hatteras Venture Partners

Hatteras is pleased to receive this accreditation.  We followed the incredible work of the CEO Cancer Roundtable for years and believe it has had a profound impact in the oncology field.  As investors in a number of health-related therapeutic areas, we believe fostering a health-conscience work environment is vital to support a positive corporate culture.

Riccardo Braglia, MBA, Helsinn Group Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Helsinn Healthcare SA

Helsinn's mission is to bring respect, integrity, and quality to our products, services and all that we do to improve health and quality of life in every person affected by cancer. We are honored to be accredited CEO Cancer Gold Standard which means quality of life for our employees in three continents and is an additional step forward to reach our mission.