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The Gold Standard Journey

A Journey, not a Destination

Effective health and well-being programs are constantly evolving. Health benefits and well-being programs must adapt to keep pace as an organization grows, mission priorities change, and corporate and community cultures shift. The Gold Standard Framework and application now reflect this dynamic.

The Gold Standard is no longer a simple pass/fail accreditation, but one that recognizes an organization's progress on its journey to creating robust workplace cultures of health and well-being. 

There are no membership costs or fees associated with becoming a Gold Standard organization.

CEO Cancer Gold Standard

  • Open to organizations with operations in the US
  • Satisfy baseline Gold Standard requirements

CEO Cancer Gold Standard with Distinction

  • Open to organizations with operations in the US
  • Exceed baseline Gold Standard requirements 

CEO Cancer Gold Standard - Campus

  • Coming Soon!
  • Open to colleges and universities in the US
  • Current Gold Standard accredited organization

CEO Cancer Gold Standard - China

  • Open to organizations with operations in China

CEO Cancer Gold Standard - Global

  • Open to organizations with international operations 
  • Current Gold Standard and Gold Standard - China organization

Gold Standard  Re-Accreditation

  • Periodic re-accreditation 
  • Opportunity to earn Gold Standard with Distinction