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Gold Standard Journey

Effective health and well-being programs are constantly evolving. Health benefits and well-being programs must adapt to keep pace as an organization grows, mission priorities change, and corporate and community cultures shift. The Gold Standard framework and application now reflects this dynamic.

Rather than a simple pass/fail accreditation, the Gold Standard Journey now captures and celebrates an employer’s evolving commitment to the health and well-being of its employees, their families and community.

Going for Gold!

Upon pledging to begin the Gold Standard Journey and start the online Gold Standard application, organization’s will be formerly recognized as an aspiring Gold Standard employer.

Application Completion

The Gold Standard Primary Contact, typically someone in the human resources and/or benefits area, takes the lead in completing, verifying and submitting the online application coordinating, as necessary, with others in their organization.

Application Review

The Accreditation Review Board evaluates submitted applications against the Gold Standard criteria and makes an accreditation recommendation to CEO Roundtable on Cancer leadership.

Gold Standard Accreditation

Companies that satisfy the baseline accreditation requirements become Gold Standard employers and are encouraged to continue their Gold Standard journey.

Custom Roadmap to Distinction

By using historic and comparative data, a custom report is provided detailing areas of strength and opportunity.

Gold Standard with Distinction

Those employers who provide exemplary benefits, enact policies, programs and initiatives that lead the way in adopting a holistic approach to health and well-being will be recognized as Gold Standard organizations with Distinction.

Gold Standard China

For organizations with operations in China, Gold Standard accreditation can be earned by completing the China specific Gold Standard application administered by the Shanghai Pilot Health Promotion Center.

Global Gold Standard

Moving beyond US and/or China Gold Standard accreditations, multi-national organizations are encouraged to apply for Global Gold Standard accreditation, the most prestigious Gold Standard designation.

Gold Standard Re-Accreditation

Because the Gold Standard is based on the latest scientific evidence and industry best-practices, the Gold Standard evolves and employers are periodically required to affirm they are still meeting its tenets. In the past this meant an annual re-accreditation application that required a signed affirmation from the organization’s CEO.

There is a strong desire to decrease the administrative burden associated with re-accreditation, increase the value of process, and maintain the accreditation’s high standards. The formal re-accreditation requirements and schedule is currently under review and is expected to be finalized by the end of 2021.