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Types of Accreditation

Employers can apply for CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ accreditation in the United States or in China. Once Gold Standard  and Gold Standard – China accreditation is achieved, additional steps can be taken to earn the Global Gold Standard, a level of accreditation for employers with international operations. 

Employers of all sizes and from any industry complete the same online application.

Many of the requirements must be met regardless of an employer’s size or industry. For example, every Gold Standard employer must have a comprehensive Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy. However, other requirements, such as those relating to Health Education and Health Promotion, can be satisfied in variety of ways that take into account an organizations size and culture.

Applications for accreditation are accepted through-out the year and are reviewed by the Gold Standard Accreditation Review Board on an ongoing basis. The review time from submittal to notification is typically 2-3 weeks.

There are no membership costs or fees associated with becoming a Gold Standard employer.

Types of accreditation:

CEO Cancer Gold Standard

       - Open to employers with operations in the US

CEO Cancer Gold Standard-China

       - Open to employers with operations in China

Global CEO Cancer Gold Standard

       - Open to employers with international operations 

Gold Standard  Re-Accreditation

       - Annual re-accreditation required of current Gold Standard employers