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How to Apply: Global CEO Cancer Gold Standard

Employers who wish to apply for Global CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ accreditation must first achieve and maintain Gold Standard accreditation in the US and China. Then, to be considered for accreditation as a Global Gold Standard employer, you must complete and submit the free application available for download here.

In addition to your completed global application, you will also be asked to submit the following documentation.

  • Worldwide Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy
  • Global Gold Standard CEO Affirmation and Preparer’s Certification

The worldwide tobacco-free policy must apply to all business locations where permissible by law and/or where there are no other exceptional circumstances (e.g. security concerns) where being tobacco-free would jeopardize the security of your employees.  

The Five Pillars are met via Essay Questions. We suggest limiting your response to each question to 300 words or fewer.  For the five essay questions (organized by Pillar), you do not need to provide a detailed location-by-location description.  Rather, it is important to provide an overview of your activities outside of the US in each respective Pillar such that the reviewers will gain a sufficient sense that your employees outside the United States are an integral part of your culture of health and wellness, and that your organization is meeting the essence of the CEO Cancer Gold Standard.

If you have any questions, or would like an informal review of your in process global application and/or worldwide tobacco free policy, please contact:

Therese Martin, CEO Cancer Gold Standard Project Manager 


phone: 919.531.3123.