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How to Apply: CEO Cancer Gold Standard

To be considered for accreditation as a CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ employer, you must complete a free, online application.

In addition to your completed application, you will also be asked to submit the following documentation.

  • Tobacco Free Work Place Policy
  • CEO Affirmation
  • Preparers Certificate

The application is broken down into the Five Pillars.

  • Applications for accreditation are accepted through-out the year and are reviewed on an on going basis.
  • You’ll notice a series of check boxes under each Pillar. All boxes must be checked unless otherwise indicated.
  • The red indicator star will change to yellow once you begin a section and will turn to green once a section has been successfully completed.
  • There is no need to proceed in any particular order, but don’t forget to “Save for Later” before exiting.
  • The application also includes one essay (suggested length 300 words). You'll  be asked to tell us about additional ways in which your health benefits, your wellness programming, and/or your workplace culture make your organization a Gold Standard employer.

The Gold Standard toolkit provides a collection of resources that will help you complete the online application. 

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If you have any questions, or would like an informal review of your in process application and/or tobacco policy, please contact:

Therese Martin, CEO Cancer Gold Standard Program Manager


phone: 919.531.3123.