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Survivorship, Surveillance, & Back to Work

Best Practices


Novartis Global Oncology has developed a new model for supporting associates with a life-altering chronic disease or condition (or who act as caregivers or managers to people in this situation) that builds on the company’s existing care management process. Patient-reported outcomes on this program – called Ensemble –show high program satisfaction, employee engagement and work reintegration during and after illness.

Leveraging the experience, knowledge and resources of the Oncology Business Unit, Ensemble aims to help associates affected by a chronic disease or condition such as...


Manager's Kit

After you’ve told your manager about your diagnosis, it will help to have a framework for discussions about your job. Understand that your manager will probably be worried for you — and for the company. The best antidote is information, which is why we created this kit. It contains need-to-know laws relating to cancer in the workplace; successful workplace strategies; tips for dealing with your HR department; and more. We recommend detaching this page and sharing the rest of the kit with your manager. Additional resources for both you and your employer can be found at