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Frequently Asked Questions

Pillar 5: Health Education and Health Promotion

What are some ways that employees might be educated about cancer clinical trials?

An organization may educate its employees about cancer clinical trials using media that work best within the organization (e.g. web, newsletters, brochures, seminars, video etc.). It is recommended that education be directed to cancer caregivers as well. Gold Standard employers have the permission of the National Cancer Institute to post the NCI bulletin “Taking Part in Cancer Treatment Research Studies” on internal company Web sites to raise awareness and educate employees about clinical trials.

What is meant by "provide education about cancer clinical trials"?

This requirement is intended to raise awareness about cancer clinical trials. It is required that employees be educated about what a cancer clinical trial is, and what it is not, the value of considering participating in a cancer clinical trial, and how to navigate the trials that are available. The decision to participate in a clinical trial - or decline participation - clearly resides with the individual and his or her oncologist. Education should be a sustained effort, so that employees are aware of the value of participation in a clinical trial and will be equipped to make an informed decision should a cancer diagnosis become a reality.