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Employers of all sizes, from diverse industries, and across geographic locations have earned CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ accreditation. Every organization completes the same online application. Many of the requirements must be met regardless of an employer’s size or industry. For example, every Gold Standard employer must have a comprehensive Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy. However, other requirements, such as those relating to Pillar 5, Health Education and Health Promotion, can be satisfied in variety of ways that take into account an organization's size and unique culture.

Readiness Checklist

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Access your readiness to begin the online application. Download Print version here.

Gold Standard Application for Review

The Gold Standard application must be submitted online. However, it  can be helpful to download the application for review and reference.

Gold Standard Application Guide:

Designed to help structure your approach to completing the online application.

If have any questions, or would like an informal review of your in-process application and/or tobacco-free policy, please contact:

Therese Martin, CEO Cancer Gold Standard Senior Program Manager