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The Five Pillars

Each requirement within the Gold Standard’s five areas of focus, or “Pillars” as they are called, must be satisfied to become accredited as a Gold Standard employer. All of the requirements of the Gold Standard are based on scientific evidence, and the program is carefully reviewed annually to ensure that it remains comprehensive and up to date. 

Pillar 1: Prevention

Take steps that may help to prevent cancer by maintaining a tobacco-free workplace including cessation support; by offering programs and services that focus on healthy nutrition, physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight; and by covering appropriate vaccinations.

  • Tobacco-Free Workplace and Tobacco Cessation Support
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Weight 
  • Vaccines  

Pillar 2: Screening

Provide coverage for evidence-based cancer screening exams in ways that are age and gender appropriate, and that take into consideration individual risk/benefit – to detect certain cancers at an early stage, when management or treatment has the best chance for a positive outcome.

Pillar 3: Cancer Clinical Trials

Ensure access to participation in cancer clinical trials. 

Pillar 4: Quality Treatment and Survivorship

Ensure access to quality cancer treatment and respond to the unique needs of employees who are cancer survivors or who are caring for a cancer survivor. 

Pillar 5: Health Education and Health Promotion

Educate and inform employees about cancer prevention, screening, clinical trials, quality care, and survivorship; and promote employee engagement and participation in healthy workplace initiatives.