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Pillar 5: Health Education & Health Promotion

Ensure employees are educated and informed about the importance of cancer prevention, screening, clinical trials, quality treatment, and survivorship to enable and encourage appropriate behavior.

Health education and health promotion activities inform employees about what they can do to prevent cancer, when and why they should be screened for certain cancers, the value of cancer clinical trials, and why quality cancer treatment makes a difference.  This enables and encourages appropriate behavior resulting in a healthier, more informed workforce who in turn will be contributing to a healthier organization.

An organization must educate its employees about the tenets of the Gold Standard and promote a culture of health and wellness. The application provides many suggested ways to meet this requirement, not all required. However, you’ll be required to check off a sufficient number of boxes to demonstrate you are providing employees access to resources that will provide them information on cancer prevention, screening, clinical trials, quality treatments and survivorship. When evaluating your application, the Accreditation Review Board (ARB) will take into consideration your organizations size, number of locations and industry.

Best Practices

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson aspires to have the healthiest workforce by helping our employees live well across their whole lives, providing flexibility and a breadth of whole-life health benefits including energy management tools and wellness resources. Our role as an employer is to provide an environment that fosters healthy choices so employees can achieve their personal best in body, mind and spirit, igniting full engagement at work, at home and in their communities.

Employee Digital Health Platforms

Supporting our vision to have the healthiest workforce and as...