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Physical Activity

Sustain a culture that values, enables, and supports physical activity. Provide access to opportunities for physical activity.

An organization must demonstrate that its company culture promotes and encourages physical activity. The application provides many suggested ways to meet this requirement, not all required. However, you’ll be required to check off a sufficient number of boxes to demonstrate you are offering programming to help employees be physically active. When evaluating your application, the Accreditation Review Board (ARB) will take into consideration your organizations size, number of locations and industry.

Physical Activity Best Practices


Musculoskeletal Health

Amgen’s wellness team provides ongoing Functional Movement Screenings (FMS) as a preventative measure for musculoskeletal issues. The FMS is a series of 7 movements and 3 pain clearing tests designed to create awareness of movement restrictions and objectively quantify the individual’s movement quality. The screen looks at the integration of 3 movement factors; flexibility, strength, and motor control. Research has demonstrated that a requisite baseline movement score is necessary to minimize your risk of musculoskeletal injury; however with...

Research & Evidence

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