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Cancer knows no boundaries. Once an employer earns Gold Standard accreditation in both the United States and in China, they can then take additional steps to achieve Global Gold Standard accreditation, the highest level of accreditation for employers.

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Currently, the Global CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ application, available at the links below, must be submitted offline. Completed applications should be emailed to


Gold Standard Global Organizations

Experts recommend a holistic strategy aimed at cancer in the workplace, covering prevention, detection, treatment and reintegration into the workplace.
Cancer in the Workplace
Commissioned by Bristol-Myers Squibb
The Economist Intelligence Unit

Helsinn's mission is to bring respect, integrity, and quality to our products, services and all that we do to improve health and quality of life in every person affected by cancer. We are honored to be accredited CEO Cancer Gold Standard which means quality of life for our employees in three continents and is an additional step forward to reach our mission.

Riccardo Braglia
Helsinn Group Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Helsinn Healthcare SA

Research & Evidence

Commissioned by Bristol-Myers Squibb
The Economist Intelligence Unit