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Hospital Toolkit

Recognizing the benefits of risk reduction, early detection and quality care, hospitals and health systems are quick to embrace the evidence-based framework of the Gold Standard.

General application guidelines can be found at this link
​Resources of particular interest to Hopsital and Health System Employers are shared below.


Gold Standard Hospitals

As an institution that focuses solely on the prevention and cure of cancer, Moffitt is proud to earn this designation for its employees. We value the power of prevention and what better place to start than with our own team members.

Alan F. List
President and Chief Executive Officer
Moffitt Cancer Center

Hospital Best Practices

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Prevention, Tobacco-Free Workplace

Tobacco-Free Hiring

Lung cancer is the No.1 cause of cancer deaths worldwide, claiming 437 lives in the U.S. alone every day.  When MD Anderson launched its Lung Cancer Moon Shot in 2012, it initiated several new programs including the EndTobacco Program.  EndTobacco is a set of strategic and tactical recommendations to reduce the tobacco burden at the institutional, state and national/international levels.  MD Anderson’s first EndTobacco step was an internal change to implement a tobacco-free hiring policy.  By implementing tobacco-free hiring, MD Anderson...

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Articles of Interest

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