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Hospital Toolkit

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​Resources of particular interest to Hopsital and Health System Employers are shared below.


Gold Standard Hospitals

A randomized controlled trial of 24 weeks of varenicline for tobacco use among cancer patients: Efficacy, safety, and adherence
Schnoll R, Leone F, Veluz‐Wilkins A,et al.

At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, we truly value our CEO Gold Standard accreditation. The Gold Standard accreditation recognizes that MSK is as committed to reducing the risk of cancer among those who work within our walls as we are to helping people with cancer around the world.

Craig B. Thompson
President and CEO
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Hospital Best Practices

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Quality Treatment & Survivorship

Patient and Family Advisory Council

Many employees who are also cancer survivors have been diagnosed and treated at MD Anderson, choosing our clinicians to manage their cancer journey.  These employee-patients are in a unique position to provide insight to us about their patient and survivorship experience.  Patient and family centered care has been an approach long advocated the by American Hospital Association. Planning, delivering and evaluating health care through partnerships among patients, families, and health care practitioners yields superior outcomes.  In...

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