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An extraordinary  work group is created by the sum of its parts.  An element of extraordinary is related to the health of the mind, body and spirit of the people.  Our commitment to our employees, patients and our community is exemplified by our CEO Cancer Gold Standard.  Prevention is key to health and well-being.

Maryann Roefaro
Hematology Oncology Associates of Central New York

Hospital Best Practices

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Community Outreach

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. Initiating treatment during hospital admission increases long-term quit rates by 40% or higher. Smoking cessation results in fewer hospital readmissions, fewer total hospital days, and lower smoking-related morbidity as well as elevated quality of life that is sustained for years after the quit date. 

Identification of Tobacco Use Status - Hilary Tindle, MD (Director, Center for Tobacco, Addiction and Lifestyle, Vanderbilt University Medical Center) and team have recently updated and revised the...

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