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Hospital Toolkit

Gold Standard Hospitals

We are at an inflection point. The excitement now is that we are seeing what appears to be cures in some patients that have been treated with groundbreaking immunotheraputic approaches to cancer treatment. This is why the CEO Cancer Gold Standard certification is so meaningful; The staff here at Fred Hutch doesn’t have a casual relationship with our work;  Everyone is fully invested professionally -- and personally – in our work toward a cure.  

Gary Gilliland
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Hospital Best Practices

Baptist Health South Florida
Health Education & Health Promotion

The mission of the nationally recognized Wellness department at Baptist Health South Florida is: To have the healthiest workforce in America. We encourage employees to take responsibility for their health through the services and programs offered by the Wellness Advantage Program. 

The Plant Strong Challenge is a 12 week employee wellness program to inspire employees to make a healthy lifestyle change. The challenge incorporates gradually decreasing the consumption of animal protein, an exercise component and a weight loss challenge. Studies show that eating a plant based diet has...

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