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Hospital Toolkit

Recognizing the benefits of risk reduction, early detection and quality care, hospitals and health systems are quick to embrace the evidence-based framework of the Gold Standard.

General application guidelines can be found at this link
​Resources of particular interest to Hopsital and Health System Employers are shared below.


Gold Standard Hospitals

Trinitas Regional Medical Center has successfully fostered healthy living through important educational efforts and lifestyle change programs that have made a difference in the lives of our employees. Our numerous smoking cessation and fitness programs, our commitment to healthy eating, and diagnostic and preventative testing continue to be a source of pride for all of Trinitas. Recognition of these efforts by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer has given these initiatives a vital boost.

Gary S. Horan
President & Chief Executive Officer
Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Hospital Best Practices

Trinitas Regional Medical Center
Screening, Community Outreach

Screening and Cancer Prevention/Early Detection Programs

At Trinitas we are well aware that early detection of cancer will improve outcomes as well as survival. Educational programs regarding healthy life style, including good nutrition and exercise, for prevention of cancer are included in seminars regarding early detection of breast cancer, GYN malignancies, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer are presented at least annually. These programs are open to staff as well as the community. Routine cancer screenings are held throughout the year and participation in...

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